Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mishapes,Mistakes, Misfits

My wonderful Friend Yasmin Hood recently put on an exhibition titled Mishapes,Mistakes, Misfits staring yours truly. the idea of the show was to take the mickey out of people that she had chosen (Thank God I have a good sense of humor) here are a few images.

Cartoon Me

Dolly me aka Mr hanky the the Christmas poo (:

I think quote sums up my life (One way ticket to crazy town)

1 pattern 3 garments

For this task me and my group were given a garment and a pattern to remake we had to make a paper , a hand sewn and a machine sewn equivalent.

The original

The paper 1 (few adaptations on bow below)

Spotlight: Shilpa Chavan

Keeping with my army theme I present Shilpa Chavan

The Swiss are coming

So after a few tears and ALOT of reluctance I finally cut up the jacket. I took it apart and started to sew parts in odd places like a sleeve in a neck to get weird shapes and lines, then put it on a chair played around with it and then put it on a mannequin. I was glad i done it came out well.

Soptlight: Ebon Heath

           Video is as inspiring as the images WATCH IT

Its a WRAP

Group work time all of our Mood Boards

All we need is help from the swiss army

Part 2 of my wearable structure involves another chair and a Swiss army jacket that I was ever so reluctant to take apart.