Sunday, 24 October 2010

Spotlight (Nahum Villasana)

All we need is PVA and tights part 2

So after all the fun we had with our sculpture we were then given the task to make various garments from the remnants of our sculpted cow

Wrapped up

In a group of 6 we were given a word (ours being wrapped) and were asked to research on it and to come back and make 6 mood boards with variations on the concept.

We gathered our images together and then started to put them into sub groups

Once we done that we chose a subgroup and made a mood board

This is my mood board theme is Wrapped: constriction/enveloped

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Daniele Buetti


Iris Van Herpena

I want to frame this cover

The decade i should have been born

So everybody has that feeling that they don't belong in the decade that they are living in...some of us are lucky enough to be right at home in the naughties/teenies but me however I feel as if i belong in the 60's and i think that my mind gravitates toward art form yesteryear so todays topic is 60's poster art. I absolutely ADORE it

Heres some of my stuff

Sunday, 17 October 2010

KM3D-1 Kate Moss 3D

Cool video get youe 3-D specs ready (The old school Read n Blue ones)

My future house

Today I thought that it was time I went up town so me and my sister took a trip up to Narnia aka Covent garden and stumbled across my future house....well it will look a bit similar but it was a pop up shop for Kate Spade (the shop is as awesome as her name) anyone reading this should go find it its AMAZING!!!! Its on Henrietta Street WC2E 8PW  (Thats the adress here are my directions...)

First you go through Narnia

Jimi Hendrix travelled by dragon mode of transport is way cooler
They actually stole my decoration idea

Say Cheese

All we need is PVA and tights!!!!!

So the task for today was to create a structre from an object using tights, mutton cloth and PVA glue so me and my buddy got workin and got REALLY carried away bit as they say it cant be wrong (:

At this point we realised it started to look like a cow

Once we came to our senses we had to then blowdry the structure detatch it and put it onto a mannequin and little did we know our cow actually turned out ok